Guinness - American Pit Bull Terrier

Home: Sundsvall, Vasternorrland, Sweden

Age: 8 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 31 Kg

Pumpkin, Munchkin, Knucklehead, Guinnepiggie, Gulloga (mom's name for her)

Oh, to snuggle her way in under the covers of the bed in the morning, To go for car rides, Bop her treatball around, Tease guests with her tugtoy, Getting groomed, and dressed up aswell etc

Oh, death to all squirrells is her motto! And to cats too for that matter...Yappy dogs, Salty roads, Windy snowfalls, Nailtrimming, Being left behind at home.

Update 2004: Horses

Favorite Toy:
A rope tugtoy and the treatball

Favorite Food:
I shouldnīt say this, but she goes bonkers just to get a small piece of chocolat! Carrots, Bully sticks and freezedried piggysnouts donīt come too far after.

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere that involves a lot of running around in the woods, playing chainsaw with logs and doing the zoomies

Best Tricks:
She will lie down sit up and shake both paws in under a second, if she suspects that there is a treat coming her way. And all this when not even asked hahahah. Other than that, she knows 14 commands, and half of those with just handsigns aswell, smart cookie


Arrival Story:
I was a volunteer at the Toronto humane society in 2002, one thing lead to another and she was adopted on the 23rd of November that year. Hubby just thought that we were merely going down there to have a look see. While he was browsing, I was already filling out the paperwork *snicker* She has been the best of dogs since the first minute I held her leash!

Update 2004: So in September this year she moved to Sweden which is mommys native country. There were a lot of headaches this summer, and then all of a sudden the quarantinelaws were no more :) After travelling for 20 hours in some specially built cage made of wood and steel (what we dont have to do for our bullies) she set down her paws in a foreign country. The trip went exceptionally well and she has now adapted perfectly from being an innercity dog to a roaming woods creature :)

(the above written by my mommy, I donīt type so good)